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About us

Kam Him is a study centre which provides character training for the well-rounded development of students.

Through different activities, young women are enabled to discover and develop their potential. These activities foster in them intellectual and spiritual growth, a concern for others, and the desire to prepare themselves for a better future. All this takes place in an atmosphere of serious study, family warmth and sincere friendship.

Kam Him Centre is a project of the East Asian Educational Association (EAEA) a Hong Kong based charitable foundation established in 1983. Its mission is to help strengthen society by being actively involved in the areas of training, education and human development.

EAEA runs schools and study centres in Hong Kong and Macau and carries out educational and cultural projects.





No 1 Ha Keng Hau Village,
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2252-7781

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